ABS Lecture and Meeting Materials

September 2018 Member Meeting: Managing Research Partnerships Between Statisticians and Clinicians: Statisticians are From Mars, Clinicians are From Venus

Slides (PowerPoint)

June 2018 Member Meeting: Statistics and Data Science Communication: Tips and Tricks for a New Model of Engagement

Slides part 1 (PowerPoint)
Slides part 2 (PowerPoint)

March 2018 Member Meeting: Missing Data – Concepts, Approaches & Imputation Methods

Overview slides (PowerPoint)
Slides (PowerPoint)
Rod Little article 1 (PDF)
Rod Little article 2 (PDF)
MIssing Data SAS Example (Word)
Stata Multiple Imputation (Word)
Missing Data (SAS)
Stata Mi Commands (STATA)

January 2018 Lecture: Comparing and Communicating Adaptive Designs for a Dose-Ranging Study

Slides (PowerPoint)
Supplemental Slides (PowerPoint)
Paper (PDF) - Cohen: An adaptive-design dose-ranging study of PD 0348292, an oral factor Xa inhibitor, for thromboprophylaxis after total knee replacement surgery