As part of their CTSA Grant Award (U Grant, 2017 - 2022), the Michigan Institute of Clinical & Health Research proposed to establish an Applied Biostatistical Sciences Network (ABS Network) that catalyzes a campus-wide community of biostatisticians and develops novel resources.  The rationale for this is that biostatistical, epidemiologic, and research design support are necessary for sound research protocols and valid data analysis, but experts and well-trained personnel can be distributed, isolated, and seemingly inaccessible at large, complex research institutions such as the University of Michigan.

Furthermore, there are statisticians who are not affiliated with statistical departments but rather with clinical and basic science departments across the health science schools. Thus, developing a community of applied biostatisticians with networking capabilities and providing shared resources such as statistical tools, methods, and consulting techniques is desired. MICHR previously organized a small group of U-M staff biostatisticians in late 2015 and led quarterly meetings for networking and training. This small group is being expanding upon to reach more isolated biostatisticians that could benefit from the expertise and resources of a network. 

The mission of the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research is to enable and enhance clinical & translational research by educating, funding, connecting and supporting research teams across the University. Recognizing how important and fundamental biostatisticians are in achieving this goal, it is easy to see why developing the ABS Network fits in with MICHR’s mission. 

ABS Network Mission Statement

The ABS Network aims to improve health and health research by fostering partnerships among statisticians, epidemiologists, and researchers across the university.